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The story behind the photo: Pencho Chukov

The story behind the photo: Pencho Chukov

. 3 min read

In a series of publications, we introduce to you the authors of the Monochrome Hub Gallery and their stories behind the photos. See and learn from first hand where and how the photographs were taken, the feelings they provoke and the inspiration they evoke.

Today we meet you with the landscape photographer Pencho Chukov.

Pencho Chukov in the mountain
Pencho Chukov

Pencho Chukov is an engineer by profession, photographer by vocation, adventurer since birth. Landscape photography is a genre that allows him to express his freedom-loving best. He combines the beauty and harmony that nature has created with the emotion of the photographic process.

Blue Vast artwork by Pencho Chukov, Monochrome Hub Gallery
BLUE VAST, 2015 -70x100 cm- ALUMINIUM SUPPORT WITH ACRYLIC GLASS -Limited edition of 50 copies 

But today he'll share with us a different tale - the adventure behind "Monochrome story". A story that shows us that behind every stunning photo there is patience, perseverance and a huge dose of love for photography.

Monochrome Story -a limited edition artwork by Pencho Chukov on Monochrome Hub Gallery
©Pencho Chukov - Monochrome story, 2015 - Limited edition of 50 copies 

Monochrome story

"The shelter was the purpose of the climb. Located at the highest altitude, it provides quick access to the surrounding peaks to minimize the effort to climb at sunrise and sunset. The transition was difficult. Strong winds and temperatures of the order of -15 °, which in such winds feel like -25 °. The strong wind grabs ice crystals from the surface of the snow and lands them at high speed on all exposed parts of the body. It feels like they are throwing sand in your eyes. Your lashes turn into ice sticks. The backpack is about 20 kg of luggage, including photographic equipment. The stormy weather keeps us locked up in the shelter for two days. We go out for a short time, enough to dig a meter and a half deep snow again, to reach the ice that froze the lake. We break the ice and fill with water. This is repeated every five hours. The ice freezes the water again, the snow covers the excavated approach. It subsides in a few hours and we go up. The wind is so strong that I lean forward and it keeps me upright. The cold has frozen everything. I lift the camera, bring it closer to my face, and the moisture from my eyes condenses on the viewfinder. It freezes instantly, forming a fine crust of ice that prevents me from seeing where I'm focusing. The technique is at its limit. The cold hardens the lubricant in the lens mechanisms. But nature generously relaxes for a few hours. We have been rewarded once again."

After this amazing story do you want to explore all of Pencho Chukov's photographs? Ok, you may find them here.

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