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The story behind the photo: Mitch Rouse

The story behind the photo: Mitch Rouse

. 4 min read

In a series of publications, we introduce to you the authors of the Monochrome Hub Gallery and their stories behind the photos. See and learn from first hand where and how the photographs were taken, the feelings they provoke and the inspiration they evoke.

Mitch Rouse, American aerial photographer, Monochrome Hub Gallery
Mitch Rouse

Today we meet you with the American aerial photographer Mitch Rouse. He'll tell us the stories behind 3 of his stunning artworks.

Grand Prismatic Spring

Having lived near Yellowstone for the past fifteen years I have always wanted to capture a photo of the Grand Prismatic Spring right after it had been snowing to get a snow outlined photo of the spring. It seemed like the perfect morning to do it having snowed a little the day before we took to the skies to see what we could see. While we were flying to the spring before arriving we realized that the snow from the day before wasn’t going to be thick enough to stick so close to the hot geothermal spring. But the air was clear and the morning light was shining just atop the spring. We stuck around and took a few photos. The spring water was so clear and vibrant and when you pair that with the amazing detail you can get from the Phase One Medium Format backs it was truly a match made in heaven. I am still blown away by the colors inside the spring and how saturated and vibrant they are. Although we didn’t achieve our goal the images we got from that quick morning trip are still some of my favorites to this day.


Crops and agriculture have always been an interest of mine. Whenever I am departing from Wyoming to go shoot some photographs I inevitably fly over miles and miles of agriculture. Many times while flying to our destination I will take photos on the way. This particular instance it was a mid afternoon flight with quite a bit of cloud coverage softening and dappleing the light as it was cast across the land. Making use of the light I was snapping away looking for interesting compositions. I am not sure I noticed this image at the time I took it but once the trip was over and we were back processing the images it jumped out at me. Like I mentioned before the details you get while using a Phase One digital back are unreal and this image is no exception! The bushes on the ground and the hay bails that loop around the pivot are all so crisp and clear making this really enjoyable to look at. This image could possibly be my most popular to date. Articles written by Insider, Colossal, and Country Living magazine have really been encouraging to me to see so much appreciation and enjoyment out of the images I create!

California Pier-4

When I am not living in Wyoming I have a place in Long Beach and I can generally be found flying around the Southern California airspace. This really is the beginning of a project I have taken on. It's the moment of inspiration if you will. It all happened while taking a test flight testing the gyro & making sure it was properly set up as well as the camera focus was sharp. During the test flight everything was working smoothly, nothing needed adjusting so we just kept flying and taking photographs. I took interest in a few of the shots I got with a pier in them. Not knowing how they would end up after processing I just made a mental note to myself “shoot more piers” and so for the next couple hours we flew up and down the coast and I took as many photos of the various piers as we flew past them. After we got back and I had some time to check them out on my computer I realized this could be a pretty cool collection / study of the many Southern California Piers. I haven't completed this series yet I still have a few more to go but I’m looking forward to completing the last few piers I have yet to photograph.

Mitch Rouse aerial artworks in interior, Monochrome Hub Gallery

After seeing this 3 amazing artworks you may discover the rest Mitch Rouse's works represented by Monochrome Hub Gallery here.

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