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The story behind the photo: Ivo Ivanov

The story behind the photo: Ivo Ivanov

. 3 min read

In a series of publications, we introduce to you the authors of the Monochrome Hub Gallery and their stories behind the photos. See and learn from first hand where and how the photographs were taken, the feelings they provoke and the inspiration they evoke.

Today we meet you with Ivo Ivanov.

Ivo Ivanov, photographer, portrait on a motorbike
Ivo Ivanov

Ivo Ivanov is a London based automotive and motorcycle photographer. Who's been behind the camera for more than 15 years, he made a diverse portfolio which covered everything from classic to contemporary cars. With a unique style which incorporates a true passion for the subjects being shot, Ivo’s images are distinguishable, captivating, and dynamic.

He'll tell us more about the series "Race the Waves"

I am not a big fan of categorising this genre as “event photography”. There is much more to it than just registering moments of what's happening in front of my camera. All the interaction between the people, machines and elements is something very personal, multi-layered and often remains hidden for the regular spectator.

"Serendipity" is probably the closest word describing most of my non-studio work.
It's that unique moment when all the objects align in perfect balance in front of you for a fraction of a second... and you need to be able to recognize that moment and be ready to capture it.

Race the waves 4, 2019 ©Ivo Ivanov, Monochrome Hub Gallery

"Race the Waves” is a typical beach race event, made in the good American traditions, that taking place in the North-East part of the United Kingdom in a small town called Bridlington.
2019 was my first visit to this motoring event.

Race the waves 4, 2019 ©Ivo Ivanov, Monochrome Hub Gallery
Race the waves 1, 2019 ©Ivo Ivanov

Access to the beach was free and I was able to walk amongst the cars and interact with their owner easily. The whole environment that the organisers created helped me to fully emerge into this authentic atmosphere.

Race the waves 4, 2019 ©Ivo Ivanov, Monochrome Hub Gallery
Race the waves 10, 2019 ©Ivo Ivanov

Finding the point of view that serves the purpose of my story is not always straightforward and can be a subjective decision. Over time, the ability to predict how the elements in my photos will interact without my intervention became a comfortable habit.
It was really something to remember, and I am already looking forward to the next event.

Race the waves 4, 2019 ©Ivo Ivanov, Monochrome Hub Gallery
Race the waves 2, 2019 ©Ivo Ivanov

If you are a fan of the stylish classic cars, explore all Ivo Ivanov's artworks here

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