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The story behind the photo: Alexander Osenski

The story behind the photo: Alexander Osenski

. 2 min read

In a series of publications, we introduce to you the authors of the Monochrome Hub Gallery and their stories behind the photos. See and learn from first hand where and how the photographs were taken, the feelings they provoke and the inspiration they evoke.

Today we meet you with Alexander Osenski.

Alexander Osenski in a working process
Alexander Osenski

He shares with us the story behind the artwork "Eva"

"The photograph is part of a fashion photo session that took part in the South Black Sea Coast. The weather happened to be thrilling intense with mild rain despite the summertime. A moving and unspoiled venue in an inshore vast shallow bay with few and far between dark coastal rocks. I was permitted to let the model get into the water with the clothes, which does not happen often. This scenery imposed a perspective and creating a visual that was better told without the use of colors."

behind the scene, artwork Eva, 2012 by Alexander Osenski, Monochrome Hub Gallery

Alexander Osenski is presented by Monochrome Hub Gallery with his fashion photograps and portraits. Here are a couple of them:

Find out all artworks by Alexander here.

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