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Support an Artist with a Special Gift -Limited Edition Art

Support an Artist with a Special Gift -Limited Edition Art

. 3 min read

Art touches the soul, both of the artist and those who view the finished masterpiece. Artwork completely transforms the space it is placed in and is a wonderful gift to give to someone special. Infusing a new energy into the room, it will raise a smile whenever it is gazed upon.

art photos with frames hanging on wall in interior, Monochrome Hub Gallery

As a thoughtful idea for a gift, it’s something that the recipient can enjoy for many years to come. A limited edition piece is even more special as only a specific number exist and it retains its value over time.

artworks in frames artworks in frames with certificates of authenticity of Monochrome Hub Gallery, artists Alexander Osenski and Ivailo Stanev-Álvarez

As well as making a lovely gift, buying artwork helps the artist who created the piece. Artists rely on galleries to help showcase their works and the coronavirus pandemic this year has greatly hampered the opportunities to do this. When unable to help aspiring artists in a gallery setting, it helps to showcase their artwork online.

Art photo of dancers behind the scenes in interior, Monochrome Hub Gallery
©Sasha Gouliaev - Behind the scenes, 2012

When you see this and bring their beautiful artwork into your home or give wall art as a gift to others, your support of an artist ensures their talent continues to be seen.

Our main belief is ‘Buy art, give art, save art!’ The act of giving a unique photo print is a special gift both for the recipient and its creator.

artwork of sea in motion, artist Ivailo Stanev-Álvarez, Monochrome Hub Gallery
©Ivailo Stanev-Álvarez - Summer-Cinque Terre, 2018
art photo of girl in a bed, artist Nikola Borissov, Monochrome Hub Gallery
©Nikola Borissov - ELLE, Bangkok, 2013
artwork by Rassim-Adrenaline project, part of a door of yellow car, Monochrome Hub Gallery
©Rassim - Adrenaline-1, 2001
art photo of the Little Houses Of Tibetan Buddhist Nuns by Shynia Itahana, Monochrome Hub Gallery
©Shinya Itahana - The Endpoint, 2015
artwork by American aerial photographer Mitch Rouse, La Interchange, black and white, Monochrome Hub Gallery
©Mitch Rouse - LA Interchange 4, 2018

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