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Rojo-Trozos de Pasión: emotions and heat on the arena

Rojo-Trozos de Pasión: emotions and heat on the arena

. 5 min read

The project

The artworks have been carried out during the last 3 years in different parts of Spain and are an intimate and personal look into the world of bullfighting through the image of the famous matador de toros Jesus Duque.
"Rojo-trozos de pasión” shows the emotion and passion conveyed by the expressive means of photography - art and enduring traditions hand in hand.

Rojo Trozos de Pasión Poster, Monochrome Hub Gallery

The Bulfighter

Jesús García Pérez, JESÚS DUQUE on the posters, was born in the Valencian town of Requena on August 28, 1991. With no bullfighting history in the family, he began to feel attracted to the bull at the early age of three. When he reached the minimum age required, he entered the Bullfighting School of Valencia, there, his dream of becoming a bullfighter began to lay the foundations.

He fought in public for the first time on August 15, 2006, four years later he made his debut with picadors in Algemesí, on September 18, 2010. The alternative date was March 18, 2014, in the middle of the Fallas Fair, with bulls from Victoriano del Río and having Enrique Ponce as a godfather and El Juli as a witness.

Jesus DUQUE portrait-©Ivailo Stanev-Álvarez, Monochrome Hub Gallery
Jesus DUQUE-©Ivailo Stanev-Álvarez

In 2019 he made five years as a bullfighter. A five-year period where he has grown and acquired a greater trade. His greatest triumphs to date are in the Valencia bullring, a first-class arena and one of the most important, where he has managed to go out three times on his shoulders.

Jesús Duque has a classic and pure concept of bullfighting that he interprets naturally. Premises that are accompanied by great courage in front of the bull's face and great plasticity in the interpretation of the fortunes of bullfighting during the fight.

The photographers

This exhibition is the first presentation of the project "Rojo-Trozos de pasión" to an audience. A project related to the most popular Spanish tradition. Their work takes them to different parts of Spain, where Ivailo Stanev-Álvarez with his PEN-F and Juan Pedro Cano, as part of the matador's team, captures each one with his own point of view the most intimate and personal moments hidden to the audience.

Ivailo Stanev-Álvarez started his career as a fashion and advertising photographer. Over the years he has had numerous publications for magazines such as Esquire, Playboy, Maxim, FHM, Harper's Bazaar, Elegance, Dali magazine. As well as a photographer he worked as a photo editor of Esquire and Dali Magazine.

His primary inspiration in photography are the people. He loves to describe their lifes, to observe their attitude. Portraits, street, documentary - these are the main fields of photography he works in.

He had numerous exhibitions, and his works are possession of many private collectors.

Juan Pedro Cano is Burgalés, from Aranda de Duero. When he was just five years old he dreamed of becoming a bullfighter, like "El Yiyo", but his place now is always behind the burladero. Bullfighting is an essential part of his life, being now one of the sectors to which he is professionally engaged in the field of photography and communication.

Since the end of 2014, he is part of the team of the bullfighter Jesús Duque as Director of Communication. Five years after the footsteps of the bullfighter, immortalising unique and unrepeatable moments at a click. A path of dreams in search of glory, which in a way, reflects “Rojo-trozos de pasión ”, a photographic exhibition that supposes its debut in public.

His work as a photographer is discreet, not calling for attention, going unnoticed to obtain a natural and spontaneous photo. Constancy, passion, luck ... to capture time and keep it in force indefinitely.

They say that it is bullfighting as it is, and it is also photographed as it is.

The exhibition

Jesus Duque personally opened the exhibition, and the event's moderator, Valencian journalist Carlos Bueno, sparked a discussion about the authors' work, views and experiences.

The special guest of the opening was the General Consul of the Republic of Bulgaria in Valencia - Mr Plamen Dimitrov.

Also attending the event were the French photographer of Spanish descent Pedro Hernandez, the talented artist Adán López Alemán, the journalist Enrique Amat Casares and many lovers of photography and the Spanish tradition.

You can view "Rojo-Trozos de Pasión" exhibition only on Monochrome Hub Online Exhibition Hall.

Rojo-Trozos de Pasión
The photos in that exhibition are an intimate look of the world of corrida trough the image of the famous bullfighter Jesus Duque. All the photographs are limited editions. Each photo is original gallery-quality artwork, with a certificate of authenticity, numbered and personally hand-signed by the…

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