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Guest curator: Nomadict

Guest curator: Nomadict

. 3 min read

Monochrome Hub Gallery present Curators’ Choice - a special selection of artworks from internationally recognised figures from the world of contemporary art - curators, editors, artists, interior designers, painters, actors.
For this project, Monochrome Hub Gallery invites inspiring people to select their favourite photographs from our gallery's portfolio and explain what grabs their interest.
Each month we will feature a special guest who will select the most captivating, vibrant and exciting artworks, which are worth your attention.⁠


Nomadict is a trendy travel and photography magazine that empowers the professional growth of visual creators, helping young talents to find their passion and accelerate their professional progression. The featured artists in the magazine have a unique approach to photography-with a keen eye for detail and colourful aesthetics their breathtaking images discover the beauty of the natural world.

Nomadict is a magazine devoted to travel photography. The magazine presents the most promising emerging talents focusing on landscapes. It reveals the new talents through interviews, contests and stories mingling travel and art on its pages.

Discover their selection bellow:

Spring Jávea, 2018

"This artwork is really nice, it gives a sensation of movement that is captured in a photograph. The vagueness provokes imagination - the state in which we can find ourselves when we are just staring at a point without really seeing, leaving the Earth and finding ourselves lost in our thoughts, dreams and imagination."


La Playa De Poniente, 2018

"The movement, the colours of the golden hour, the contrast of the beach and the buildings, and the people walking at the beach brings the photo alive. All these things together make us love the photograph. Having been in Benidorm and recognising the spot, it also brings up memories and emotions of a wonderful time."


Mist Hotan Blue, 2016

"The minimalist artwork invites to focus on the structures in the sand and the sloping dunes. There is also an absence of distraction, which calms the mind. The colours enhance that effect. In addition, the composition stimulates to look both nearby and far away, investigating the landscape in detail."


IR Reality-Monochrome Hub Premium Canvas Art

"We chose this photo because it gives us a feeling of happiness. The pink invites positive emotions, the path leading towards the single white house in the open space invites the imagination of a peaceful stay by yourself. The photo guides the eye, there is simplicity in colours and items though still a lot to see."

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