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"Contrastreet" by Aníbal Cáceres

"Contrastreet" by Aníbal Cáceres

. 3 min read

There is strong shadow where there is much light.
J. W. von Goethe

Contrastreet Exhibition Poster, Monochrome Hub Gallery

This exhibition is the result of the photographer's steps and his vision of the street through different cities in Spain. The author, during his tour, provides images in these dull places in different corners finding the extraordinary, moments that usually go unnoticed in our daily habit. Playing with the light effects that the streets offer, contrasting them with the shadows that stand out and the colours of the environment which projecting the sunlight. In his photographs, we find the protagonists - ordinary people travelling indifferently to their objective, submerged in their day-to-day life, unaware of the path they travel by heart, going unnoticed.

El ultimo dia, artist Aníbal Cáceres, Monochrome HUb Gallery
©Aníbal Cáceres - El ULTIMO DÍA, 2018 

Aníbal Cáceres-'DANG3R', born in 1991, is a photographer from Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz). His first steps in  photography were almost 10 years ago when with his scholarship, he had the opportunity to get a camera and start training himself.
The passion for photography made him embark towards different places in search of new inspirations. His first destination was the city of Granada. Years later, after different destinations and occurrences, finally placed Valencia as a current residence and a large showcase full of places to photograph.

He lives with photography as if it is a parallel world, where he plays and expresses his personal vision of the surroundings. Strolling through the city he finds new corners and discovers the extraordinary of the ordinary places. The streets, its people and all the elements which compose them are the blank canvas of the young photographer who paints the city with different shades of natural light.

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“CONTRASTREET” - A photo exhibition by Aníbal Cáceres ‘DANG3R’ at Monochrome Hub VLC Art Gallery. For all the street photography lovers. View the selected artworks and choose your favourite one.

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